Saturday 12 February 2022

My Top 20 fantasy Authors

 If you are stuck as to what to read I have listed my favourite fantasy authors at David's Top 20 Fantasy Authors

In addition, how about reading historical fiction? It is very close to fantasy with battles, superstition, gods and sorcery. Well, at east in the early historical fiction novels.

I have listed my favourites at David's Top Historical Fiction Authors

There are some truly awesome books here. I love tales about Rome and Egypt. 

There are also my books, The Prophecy of the Kings. The comprise a host of familiar fantasy creatures such as dragons, imps, dwarves and demons and some new ones such as krell, death knights, grakyn and others. 

The image on my website is taken from towards the end of Book 1 - Legacy of the Eldric. That is set deep in the heart of a mountain, where Kaplyn and the others find the Tree of Life and on its branches small, glowing fruit. There is a dark secret behind the fruit that could plunge the land into a terrible war. 

The image below is that of Shastlan, in Book 3, leading dragons in the annihilation of his enemies. Woe, betide befriending dragons though, as Shastlan finds out to his cost.

Good reading and let me know who is your favourite author. Visit my website for more information about my books

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