Sunday 27 October 2013

Kindle error!!

Really, really annoying. Just discovered a mistake in the kindle edition of my book. I have a larger and obscure version of emdash that's crept in (that's a -- sign). It's ascii190 and Kindle interprets it as [?].

Of course Word won't let me search for it as it doesn't seem to find it so I have to find it by hand. And I have several versions to correct!! Very frustrating and advice welcome. I have Word '97.

I am correcting this so apologies.

Coping with the clocks going back...

For everyone struggling to cope with the extra hour last night - I'm still on Australia time which means 10 hours ahead minus 1 except in Brisbane it's plus a 0.5 or Melbourne where it is minus 1.

Very confusing which just means I'm knackered.

Blooming critics :(

What do these folk actually contribute to life? Just saw The Lone Ranger on the plane and I really enjoyed it.

The annoying thing is that I listened to the critics and so didn't see it at the cinema. What a bunch of bozos. I appreciate that tastes vary, but critics seem to take offence at some films just because they can. Were they playing politics here? Did the film company not pay them? 

When you consider the effort that goes into making a film, the cost and the total hours spent - it seems wrong that someone can destroy it in a couple of minutes of garbled print.

Let's get rid of the critics!!

Friday 18 October 2013

Zooming off to Australia Today - Watch out Snakes!!

Off to Australia for a week with work. Adelaide and then Brisbane. Never been to the latter. Hope all the venomous creatures are kind to me. Mind you, if they bite me they run the risk of me poisoning them!!

I leave today Friday but get there at lunchtime Sunday. Where on earth has Sunday gone?? Missing it already.

Free, Free, Three Great Fantasy Books - But Hurry. The Prophecy of the Kings!

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Saturday 12 October 2013

Grrr - Hate Microsoft

For all the money we pay and all the updates of Windows it is a dreadful operating system. My laptop has become slower and slower which always seems to have it. Whether it's spyware or too many processes running I don't know but you would have thought Microsoft would have fixed computers to operate at their full potential.

Microsoft - you are RUBBISH

Anyone got any simple fixes. I have searched for bad sectors, deleted temp files, defragged, used Adaware spyware removal, deleted old programmes ... but to no avail.

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Win and Download Free Fantasy Book - Legacy of the Eldric

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Monday 7 October 2013

X-factor or Blub Factor?

OK - I understand it is emotional, but get a grip. X Factor seems to be as much a competition nowadays about crying as singing. I am getting fed up with the judges phrase, "And what would this mean to you?". Out rolls the, "It mean everything. I couldn't go back to my job like normal humdrum people. I want to live the life of a mega rock star and never have to work again."

Hey guys, we normal people also want these things. I too want to live in Antigua and spend all day on the beach.

But back to the crying. It seems that contestants cry before the event, during and after. It is a singing competition and not a crying competition. Perhaps it is both and I missed the plot? What is happening to the British stiff upper lip. Men crying as well as woman? OK men have to show their softer side, but after announcing it means everything to me, when they are finally kicked off most seem cheerful enough and often quote, I'm pleased to have gotten this far.

How annoying is the incessant pleading? If they put as much effort into singing as pleading they would all do very well. They also need to understand that there is only one winner and already there are clear signs of a top 2-3 potentially individual good vocalists. All this pleading to get to the next stage only means they have to plead the following week to get to the next episode and it really is becoming a pain to watch.  Yes, there is an off button but the singing is entertaining, sort of.

OK there is some good talent, but they can't all be mega stars. Even past winners slip silently from the stage within a year or two and one of the most successful was probably Olly Murs and he didn't even win X Factor!

Please guys, show some decorum. Stop pleading, whining, crying and general hand wringing. It really is unnecessary.

Saturday 5 October 2013

Game of Thrones - UK DVD Release Date

Looks like this is being released in February. Long - long wait!! Hurry up chaps!

Game Of Thrones

Walking Dead - Amazing Series

I'm not normally a zombie fan but this has been a very entertaining series.

Just seen Season 3, I think. I'll have to wait for Season 4 being in the UK but that wait is worth it. The Governor was brilliant and you could really get to hate him, eye patch and all. Michonne is a great addition to the series. I love the sword.

Cool Fantasy Art

This is gorgeous - especially full size

Colourful Snakes - Not for the Squeemish

I never realised how coulourful snakes can be.