Sunday 27 March 2011

Free books

I am running a competition from May to July offering free copies of my trilogy each month. The competition is as follows.

  1. Let me know why you want a copy of the trilogy. I bags, because I just do, dude so that doesn't count. At the end of May I will announce the winner on this blog page. Entries should be posted on my blog under the comment box. If this is difficult to do then email me your answer to

  2. Email me three names of the main heroes. Hint - have a look at my website and the free sample chapters. In the event of a tie I will draw names from a hat. Email to the same address above. I will announce the winner at the end of June.

  3. Send me a fantasy related joke. I will post these on my blog. Feel free to decide which is your favourite, but my decision is final. For example jokes check some initial jokes out at You can convert most the jokes you know to fantasy ones; give it a try. I will announce the winner at teh end of July.

Good luck and best wishes