Friday 28 January 2011

Guardian Angels - do you believe?

Apparently 40% of people believe in guardian angels. What do you believe? Read the Prophecy of the Kings and see how the author deals with this subject.

For most people the link with their guardian angel is tenuous, a warning in the dark of the night, a feeling on entering a room for the first time, ghostly eyes and not being alone …

Imagine then a guardian angel being your twin: a twin who died in the womb and was never born. How much closer would your link be with your guardian? How would that affect your life, being closer to the spirit world? Would you use that power for good, or for ill?

Imagine your guardian spirit being the shade of a dead emperor from another world: a world not much different to yours; a world at war, a war at the behest of the emperor who is now your guardian; a world with a dreadful secret. How would this affect your dreams? Could you sleep?

Imagine your guardian being a demon. Now the link to the spirit world is complete. At night your dreams are no longer your own. Look into the demon world and see the horror they create. Live with that … and rejoice. What would that make you?

These are the characters in the books. Read the novels and see who you are most like. How would you cope?

Tuesday 4 January 2011