Friday 26 December 2008

David Burrows' Blog Page

Welcome to my blog site. My website, see below, has sample chapters from each of the books in the trilogy and I've also enabled Read Inside for book 1 on Hopefully this will help you to decide if the books are for you.

I started writing the tale before my sons, Andrew and Stuart, were born. They are 15 and 14 now which shows how long it has taken to take the tale from the initial scene to a final version. The initial scene was a dark cavern, deep in the heart of a mountain. Two brothers are trapped and ghostly voices all around them are a prelude to the evil to follow. I had it in mind that one brother would betray the other. This scene eventually became the end of the first novel.

I enjoyed writing and it was almost like reading a book. I occasionally became stuck with the characters in a tight spot. Sometimes it took months for inspiration to strike but when it did, it was like turning the page of someone else's tale. I also struggled with names. I eventually used anograms of people's names that I knew. For example, a witch in book 2 became Ariome an anaogram of Moira, my mother in law. Boy was I in trouble.

I've listed reviews from everyone who has commented on my website. These are genuine.

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