Monday 28 August 2017

Perhaps I Should Stick to Writing?

As Shrek said, "Working hard, or hardly working."

Well, I have had a busy day in the garden. Not sure it counts as working though. Gardening for me is perhaps not a good thing and I certainly don't have green fingers. Just chopped (or is it hacked) a conifer that was growing close to the ground like a living tepee, which I quite liked, but was slowly taking up more and more of the garden so drastic action was required.

The cat loved it as it was so we will no doubt fall out when she sees it. It was her private place where she could run to when she had a mouse or bird and I objected. It was dense foliage where no human dared to venture, mainly because it was a spiders' haven. Big ones at that.

Well, when the cat comes home later she will no doubt harangue me with tales of woe. Here is the before and after photo. The tree is a lovely shape in the top picture, nice and conical. In the lower picture it is pruned to within an inch of its life. Talk about short back and sides. At least now I can chase the cat and release any birds she may have.

And where is the rest of the tree, you ask? Here it is on the patio. What I am going to do with that I don't know. Suggestions on a postcard?