Monday 31 December 2012

Rare Treat!

I'm having a coffee with whisky in it. Marvellous. OK - so it's decaf, but still pretty good. What's your favourite spoil-me treat? Keep it clean please (or not).

Toying with getting some chocolate now!

Friday 28 December 2012

Really Excellent Fantasy Book Review

The review states It's one of the most enjoyable fantasy books I've read this year.  I'm rather glad this came in at the end of 2012 rather than at the start of 2013!

What an excellent review. Check out sample chapters at's_demons_burrows.html

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Happy New Year to all my readers when it comes.


Sunday 23 December 2012

Another Excellent Review, Thanks Ellen

"Ok, so I actually had to read this, then put it down for a week and then read it again. There is so much going on that I felt I might have missed something. Which is AWESOME!! I really enjoyed reading about Drachar and I appreciate the opportunity to read it and review it.

Drachar is an outcast Eldric on the hunt for ultimate power. Along the way he uses Demons and the demon world to assist him, as well as unlikely allies such as the Krell. The rest of the Eldric have to do things they find distasteful to try to track him down and stop him. The Eldric will never be the same again either way!"

Win free fantasy books - Drachar's Demons, excellent review

Win a free copy of my latest book, Drachar's Demons. Read initial reviews at

Enter here to win a free copy. The offer closes on the 15th Jan 2013.

Review from Kendra.

"Another interesting book, lots of plot-line and action, the book grabs one and pulls the reader back into this familiar world. The author does a good job of giving the bad guy a voice, and while you don't like him, he definitely holds your attention. Solid main characters have you rooting for the good guys, but fascinated with the bad guy!"

Many thanks Kendra.

Christmas in Edinburgh, wet and wild

Seeing the bright lights of Edinburgh. In the rain! It bucketed it down all day yesterday so I was completely soaked. Very cold rain as well. Very unpleasant. On a brighter note, off to see the Hobbit for a second time tomorrow so at least we'll be dry then. Looking forward to it, as there was so much to see the first time.

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I have dropped the price of Drachar's Demons over the holiday season. The Prophecy of the Kings Omnibus edition is also good value, being cheaper than the three books. Happy reading.


Saturday 15 December 2012

The Hobbit - a review

What's to be said? Outstanding. Best film I've ever seen. Outstrips Lord of the Rings in my view. Part of my reasoning is the length of the film allows character and atmospheric development. It matches the simplicity of the beginning of the original book and Gandalf is clearly building in his role.

I am a fantasy fan and the Hobbit will not appeal to everyone, but if you are a fan it is marvellous. It's not overlong as some folk are suggesting and Peter Jackson and team have done an excellent job of adding value to the original book. Jackson is the Einstein of the film world.

Friday 14 December 2012

Seven Psychopaths

Saw Seven Psychopaths. Very strange film but strangely entertaining. I quite enjoyed it. Very violent though.

Sunday 9 December 2012

Author's Christmassy Photos to cheer us all up! :)

Photos of Regent Street lights and a very tall Christmas tree at Leeds Castle. How did they get that inside?
The advertising on Kindle Spotlight was not too successful. 3 books sold! (they may have been before the promotion :( )

Friday 7 December 2012

kboards: "Drachar's Demons" - a dark fantasy from the autho...

kboards: "Drachar's Demons" - a dark fantasy from the autho...: From the author of the Prophesy of the Kings trilogy comes this compelling fantasy. Download it for $0.99 today! "The origin of the evil ...

The Hobbit, Great Christmas saving and Kindleboards Spotlight Drachar's Demons

Drachar's Demons is the in the Kindle Spotlight today, so Ive matched it with a GREAT PRICE REDUCTION. Awesome fantasy for Christmas at a low price. Got to be good!

US kindle
UK kindle

Well done to the Goodreads winners who won copies of Drachar's Demons. They are in the post. Hope you enjoy.

One week left to the HOBBIT. It doesn't get better than this.

Wednesday 5 December 2012

Fingers crossed

Advertising Drachar's Demons on on Friday. First shot at advertising so I'm hoping it goes well. Any tips gratefully received.

Saturday 1 December 2012

Favourite Michael Moorcock fantasy book :)

My favourite characters was Elric followed by Hawkmoon. Elric's sword was a great and yet terrible invention. By far my favourite books were the Eternal Champion series, which was in itself a very clever and novel concept. As a one off tale I liked behold the Man. That's a very strange tale, but very thought provoking. Be warned it is about Christianity but Moorcock gives it a brilliant spin to make it a great fantasy tale.

Anyone else read and liked Moorcock books? I haven't read any of his later works so recommendations welcomed.

Friday 30 November 2012

Good post, author's manhood critcised

It's a little worrying that one of my most popular posts was when I mentioned my manhood. Just shows what it takes to get an audience.

Anyway, just back from Washington and counting the hours down to bedtime. I got off the plane at 0900 and I feel exhausted. I can never sleep on a plane! Just too much going on.

I took a nice photo of Santa in Tyson's Corner. Made me feel all Christmassy. However, it did make me feel a bit of a pervert taking photos of Santa from concealment.

Saturday 24 November 2012

Free hardcopy Drachar's Demons - last few days

Brand New Second Edition. More pages, more characterisation. On Librarything giveaway of Drachar's Demons, the first book in the series Prophecy of the Kings. Check it out and enter to get a chance to win a copy.

Anyone read it then let me know what you thought. Reviews welcome.

Great tales for a winter's night. Just what the Fantasy Doctor ordered.  Great reviews from a great site!

David :)

Wednesday 21 November 2012

The Blinding Knife - Brent Weeks

I was fortunate to meet Brent at FantasyCon. My son had him sign both books in the new series. Brent read an excerpt (supposedly) from his next book after Blinding Knife. He has a very distinctive style of reading and I could hear his voice as I read Blinding Knife. That was a little unsettling! Fortunately the excerpt turned out to be as much fantasy as the book! He had us all believing he was going to kill off one of his main characters. He may still do so, but not as happened in his reading. I still haven't forgiven JK Rowling for killing off Hedwig!

Anyway - to the book. It follows on from Black Prism. Blinding Knife is brilliantly written and the characterisation is excellent as per usual. The series is a distinctly different fantasy series to any other and he creates a whole new range magic type with associated rules. It's a very long book so those that enjoy reading will regard it as excellent value. It may be overlong if you like fast paced books all the way through. For everyone else - this is a cracking read and I would recommend it. It has everything a fantasy fan would like.

Visit his website Brent's Website

Free book - paper back copy, Drachar's Demons

Last few days. Sign up on Librarything. Free copy Drachar's Demons

Offer concludes on the 26th November. The book is getting some really good reviews!  Action packed fantasy set 500 years before the events of Prophecy of the Kings. A must for fantasy fans.

Check out my website for reviews and sample chapters. Become a fan.

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Saturday 17 November 2012

Wibley wobley house

This is a photo of Little Morton Hall. It's the sort of property you dream of. More like a nightmare though. There's barely a straight line to be seen. All crooked. It's a surprise it's still standing, but it goes back generations. Fortunately the structure has been reinforced, but what an amazing place. And the history. Wow!

It's near Chester and worth stopping off to see. Amazing courtyard.

Missing photo found!!

Here it is. Yuma in the dawn. Not a bad picture, but missed my breakfast! 0600 start is far too early!

Hunger Games - cracking film

I saw Hunger Games on the plane yesterday (today), coming back from US. What a terrific film. I thought it was cracking entertainment. Anyone else seen it? The premise was new, but the bulk of the story was a fight story, but it worked very well. There were some scenes in the film that didn't seem to go anywhere, but hinted that there's far more in the book that they put in the film. I'm going to have to get the book by the looks of it. Any recommendations? Is it better than the film?

I like long flights. Good chance to pick up on films I've missed. I saw Pirate Captain and Ice Age 4 as well. I like cartoons. They are so well done. Shrek remains my favourite though.

Friday 16 November 2012

An author's view of Yuma

Wow - what can I say? Suitcase lost at LA and work starts at 0520! That's to avoid the heat of the day which even in November is HOT. The desert is gorgeous in its own way and the sunrise this morning was spectacular. A real mackerel sky and I'm hoping the photo of it does it justice. Saw a coyote today but that was about the only wildlife as most sensible creatures hide from the sun and I can't blame them. Long flight back tomorrow, a real whirlwind tour. Then back to the US, Washington the week after next.

Saturday 10 November 2012

Author's manhood criticised!

OK - I mentioned spiders in the garden shed being scary. But, this one was something to be afraid of. The size of a small dog and hanging from the wall, venom dripping from its fangs! In the photo the spider has red-eye! That doesn't happen very often. I wish my son and I were braver, and taken a photo close up with the Macro setting, but afraid not. At least I picked it up and put it out. My son took the photo from 12 feet away! What was scary was the spider's weight. Normally you don't notice, but this one...

Author kills garden shed

Wow. I feel guilty. The axe was in my hand and what could I do? The shed had to go! There's something strangely liberating about destruction. The moment I started tearing into the shed, ripping it apart with a crow bar and smashing rotten planks with an axe, I felt like a marauding Mongol in one of Genghis Khan's armies. I should do this more often. Only problem is - only 1 shed left. Strangely, I sense that tremor each time I walk past. That didn't save the last shed though!

The problem is - it now doesn't look very aesthetic. Gone is the geometric symmetry.  It's a lot shorter than it used to be be and I suspect a bit wider. Gone also is the functionality. Nothing seems to fit inside it any more. Humph.

Saturday 27 October 2012

Author nearly run down by synchronised dogs

It was like something out of the Olympics  Two white terriers raced between my legs as I was out running today. Nearly knocked me over. I was surprised and impressed by their speed and synchronisation. I'll be ready next time though! Generally the public is good with dogs and runners nowadays. In the past I've had to give dogs a wide berth.

Second Edition - Drachar's Demons out now on Kindle!!

The second Edition of Drachar's demons is out now on Kindle.

Two reviews on Amazon US and one on Amazon UK to date - "Brilliant"and "Amazing". Give it a try. Pass the word. Not yet available as paper back format, but coming soon.

Saturday 20 October 2012

London Day Out

 Lee Fomes invited Andrew and I to his new book launch in London, Art and the Abductor. What a nice and pleasant chap. I hope his book does tremendously well. The event was great and Lee sold quite a few books, so well done. He also supported Help for Heroes, a very worthy charity.

Also at the event was Richard Frankland, author of A Cast of Hawks. he stayed in the very hotel in Nairobi that my father designed, The New Stanley Hotel. Amazing.

The photo of  Andrew and I is near Westminster Abbey. Beautiful place.

Friday 19 October 2012

Fantasy Author Admits to Plagiarising the Prophecy of the Kings

David Burrows today admitted plagiarising the fantasy novel Prophecy of the Kings. When interviewed he showed a distinct lack of regard for what he had done.

 “A lot of people do it,” he quoted, but when I pointed out that’s not true, he looked distinctly uncomfortable and started to back track.

“I acquired the novel,” he admitted, “but it needed a lot of work. The translation was poor and the manuscript was handwritten and in parts faded. I had to link some parts of the tale together where the writing was unreadable, so I did add to the tale.”

“But you do admit it wasn’t your story in the first place,” I put to him.

“Look, it’s not as if I’ve claimed to be the author,” he told me with a crooked smile.

“But you have published it,” I pointed out. At this point his smile faded. The evidence is presented below. Read it for yourself and see what you think.

I was day dreaming, staring deep into the dying embers of the coal fire, my eyeballs dry from the heat as I ignored the howl of the wind on a bitter January night. I jumped when a knock at the door interrupted my reverie. This was an insistent knock, a loud demanding knock; one that shattered the calm, refusing to be ignored. Sighing, I went to the door, angered by the loss of solitude made worse by the frigid wind that greeted me.

He was an old man with an old man's frailties. His face was long, and his flesh grey and wrinkled. Dark bags beneath his eyes suggested insomnia, the curse of the old.

"Yes," I said, not hiding the anger that I felt.

"I need to speak with you," he snapped, seemingly equally irritable.

"Do I know you?" I asked, for his tone was one of a relative, making demands.

I did not like his look and was already pushing the door to when, remarkably swift for an old man, an arthritic claw grabbed the door and a boot thudded against the base.

I was scared now. He had shocked me. Feral eyes locked on mine, deep dark and accusing. "I need to talk," he insisted.

My first thoughts were to call for help. Phone the police perhaps, but that would be too late. He was wild ... a mad man standing halfway in my house. The simplest course seemed to be to let him in and listen to his ramblings, after all he was an old man and what harm could he do?

As he swept inside, I noticed for the first time his attire. It was outlandish to say the least, a long flowing tunic, grimed with dirt, and the cuffs frayed. At one time it had probably been blue, a deep rich colour, but under the dirt it was now hard to say. He smelt old, and a scent lingered that I found hard to place, but an image of a dragon swept to mind and I shivered, even though the door was now shut.

With a thud he dropped a sizeable doorstep of papers on the coffee table. The paper was sun-bleached and aged as much as he was. I shook my head; it was going to be a long night.

As I sat, a hand shot out and with strength belittling his years seemed to seek to crush my bones as though talking was insufficient to hold my attention. Well that did it; he had my attention now as dread coursed through my veins.

"I am Vastra," he announced as though it was of some importance. "Vastra," he repeated, his mouth agape. .

"My arm," I wheedled for I did not relish the pain.

He looked at me, before releasing his grasp. My wrist was red and burned still from his grip. The wind rattled the window, deepening the mood.

"I have done much wrong and I need to atone," he said, looking at me fiercely. I nodded and he sat back. His eyes swept around the room, glancing at the TV and the hi-fi, but somehow unseeing.

"I did them all wrong. I betrayed them, but I tried ... in the end. Oh, yes, I tried. It is in the manuscript, I have written it all down. A labour of love some would say, but to me it is a curse, for my part in it was real, too real and the impact had repercussions across the world, ours and theirs."

"Theirs?" I asked.

He nodded. "Demons. Dragons," he said in a hushed voice

I believed him. Why shouldn't I?

"Go on," I said, enthralled.

"I was an ambitious fool. I thought that I controlled the imp, but I didn't."

When he said the word imp, something appeared, hovering by his side. A small demon-like creature, hairless, a green glow emanating from deep within its flesh. I jumped and could not hide my fear.

"Do not worry," he sneered, glancing at the creature. "It is a memory, a shaol, a guardian spirit. That is all...

"Some guardian though! I can see yours, faint across the expanse of time. He will protect you as best he can; a sixth sense in the darkest hour. But why did I trust an imp? I was warned, by my friends... but I knew better, and the very people who would have helped me, I ignored, and worse, betrayed."

His gaze dropped and the final word was barely a whisper. A tear slid down his cheek and fell upon the manuscript.

"No one is alone," I said. "You must have friends, talk to them."

He sniffed wiping the tears with his cuff, shaking his head. "I cannot, for I am banished from that world. Shastlan understood. The ghost of a dead emperor, exiled from his own world for deeds as bad as mine. What a pair we made, arrogant and foolish, engrossed in our own self-importance.

"And what of the people I betrayed. Kaplyn. As good a friend as any, but so far beneath my ambitious scheming. Of all the people, I hurt him the worst. I would make amends, but I cannot.

"Because of me, his family and friends all died. I was responsible for Shastlan becoming his shaol. Mad whispering in the dark of the night. And dragons! An evil curse to blight the world. Demons and dragons, the choice was unfair. How could anyone choose and remain sane?"

"Surely it cannot be that bad," I said when he fell silent, his gaze riveted to the manuscript.

"Read it," he said through clenched teeth. "Judge me then, not before. I must atone."

"How is this atoning?" I said. "You chastise yourself with a stick of your own making. How can I be your judge? Surely your friends have judged and forgiven you. Everyone has a spark of good deep within. They must have seen yours."

"Read it! " he insisted.

I picked it up. Reverently. It was heavy as though weighted by the souls of the damned. When I looked up, he was gone. Yet the tearstain on the cover was as real as anything I had ever seen.

The Prophecy of the Kings , the title said. Flicking to the back cover it was signed Vastra.

Having now read the manuscript I wonder at our meeting. Was he a shoal, or a restless spirit wandering the worlds seeking redemption? Of one thing I am certain, if his world was real then the tale must be told. By doing so, it honours the dead, and forgives those who need to be forgiven.

Excuse me then for claiming to be the author. It is a wondrous story and it will move you. As you read, think then upon Vastra, and Shastlan. Perhaps we can find it in our hearts to forgive, for now I know why so many people in their worlds would not. But then, that was Vastra's intent, and if he knocks on your door in the dead of night, listen to his tale. It will move you, as it has moved me.

Sunday 14 October 2012

Battle of Hastings

This is me before the battle. After the battle I was covered in mud and clearly very dead. The Saxon left wing was drawn off Senlac Ridge into a Norman ambush. This year there wasn't as many cavalry as in 2006, so we held our own and I actually managed to run back o my own lines. Not bad carrying all the armour, shield etc. Heavy stuff. Marvellous for a writer to take party in an event like this though. You really get an experience in a shield wall, especially facing cavalry and archers. 2006 was amazing as there were 100 cavalry. Along the line from me a horse failed to stop and hit a man who was thrown 20' out of the shield wall. Not surprising given the mass of the horse. A previous time a horse stood on a friends foot, breaking his toe. Very wet this year though and the wettest yet. Previous battles have been in warm October sunshine. This was so wet when you stood still a puddle formed around your feet. Another big event coming up n 2016!

Sunday 30 September 2012

A newbie at FantasyCon - 2012, Brighton

Wow, what can I say. I really enjoyed it. It was brilliant meeting Brent Weeks and Joe Abercrombie. My son is very much a Brent Week's fan whereas I like both authors. Mind you he hasn't read Joe's books yet! Both are very gritty writers. But, what nice people. We heard both giving readings in a very pleasant and personal environment. They both gave stunning performances, but Brent had a very brilliant twist to his. It was all about Spoilers so I can't say anything here in respect to the great man, but it was awesome and had his fans groaning in a mixture of disbelief and frustration.

The event itself was also brilliant. Very few fans though and rather a lot of authors and publishers. There were book signings by lots of different publishing houses. Reading by authors, freebies etc. Great mixture of characters. I met some really nice and genuine folk. Chris of Pendragon Press, Terry from Exagerated press.

The venue is also interesting, Brighton. However, it's a tad expensive. Brighton is always lively and probably would have been better if we'd know our way around better. The pubs, hotel and especially parking were all very expensive and probably explained the absence of fans.

Overall though - an amazing experience.

Wednesday 26 September 2012

FantasyCon - Oh Dear!

Off to FantasyCon this weekend. It's organised by the British Fantasy Society. Not sure what I'll make of it as I've not been before. I have visions of Sheldon and Leonard (Big Bang Theory) going to something similar - fantasy convention. Does that make me a nerd?

Anyway, I hope it will be fun. My son wants to meet Brent Weeks. He's just finished The Black Prism and is raving about it. I hope to read it soon.

I have just read The Dwarves by Markus Heitz. Very slow book to start with but what an ending! Excellent read. Characterisation is brilliant with some characters extremely likeable and others less so. It's a hit in Europe and the chap deserves to do well everywhere. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of twists and turns and unexpected parts to the plot. Good fun.

Saturday 22 September 2012

Hobbit Trailer 2

Doesn't the new hobbit trailer look good. very exciting stuff. This is the link to a wide screen version on Apple.

I loved the book and have read it four or five times. I have a version with artwork in it and it's brilliant. Is the rumour still that Jackson will make 3 films?

Sunday 16 September 2012

Sex talk and fantasy novels

Been thinking about introducing sex on my blog to boost my audience. Now, I want you all to imagine me topless as I write my novels. Nothing too tasteless to start off with. Just sitting in front of my laptop creating fantasy novels. Now, if no one has been too sick...

Perhaps that would make a good Poll. To have folk vote whether I should keep my clothes on or not. No doubt many folk will pay for me to remain clothed. I was amused by the recent Sherlock Holmes' film when Stephen Fry appeared naked, with the very old butler trying to serve him his afternoon tea. If nothing else it made for good comedy.

Please feel free to vote by commenting below.

Saturday 15 September 2012

My best ever reviews - the Prophecy of the Kings

As a less well established author, reviews are terrifically important. My favourite ones are usually on fantasy blog sites as these have an established reputation. These are amongst my favourite to date. I hope they prompt you to give the books a try. All reviews are genuine and links lead to the full review.

Prophecy of the Kings is amongst the best new traditional fantasy books published during recent years

Prophecy of the Kings - a phenomenal series and should not be missed

By far my favourite review though was by Neo on Kindleboards;

I'm halfway through Shadow of the Demon (book 3) and couldn't agree more: this is a fantastic trilogy, one of the most enjoyable reads I have had in a while, really! Now it's getting bitter sweet though: can't wait to read what happens next (and how it finishes) and I NEED to read on, but I also don't want it to end and so find myself slowing down, aaaargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for writing it and bringing your readers such a good time through it David Smiley,24029.0.html

That was such a heartfelt review. Amazing and thanks all. Keep the reviews coming please!


My worst ever reviews - Prophecy of the Kings

Fortunately most reviews have been good but all authors get bad reviews. I have no problem with folk not enjoying my books. I wish everyone did, but even Tolkien had folk who didn't take to his work.

My worst reviews came in a gaggle. Not sure that's the right terminology, but it seem apt. i.e. they came together on Goodreads. It was a time of giveaways. I suspect in some cases folk just wanted a freebie. For the worst reviews, looking through their libraries, some reviewers didn't seem to be fantasy fans.

The advantage of being self published is that I post sample chapters on my website so I think some of the folk were perhaps less justified in their comments. Still, you can't complain and you have to live with less than complimentary reviews.

One that baffled me completely was Utter twaddle. This book combines ye olde English with modern London slang. It can't figure out what it's supposed to be.

I don't know any London slang. Dog and bone (phone) perhaps. Ye Olde English??? As an author folk are entitled to say what they like, but this one was a complete and utter mystery.

Fortunately most reviews are fairly well balanced whether they are complimentary or not. And, as I say, most reviews have been good today. So if you've read Prophecy of the Kings and not posted a review, please think about doing so. They are important to me. Amazon reviews are helpful as they help to sell the books.

Best wishes and good reading


Sunday 9 September 2012

Creating fantasy characters

Kaplyn is my favourite character in the Prophecy of the Kings. He is the lead character and plays a pivotal role. However, he faces more than his fair share of adversity. At Vastra's behest, he gets trapped in a nightmare tower where he is trying to find an Eldric talisman. He is stubborn as shown when Vastra demands the talisman, but Kaplyn refuses to hand it over. Lars' support, although unspoken, is key at this point. Both men know that Vatsra is a sorcerer as he often brags about this. But having summoned the ancient city of Tanel, they know he is truly a power to be feared.

I take Kaplyn's character to the very pit of despair. Things go from bad to worse and he takes the souls trapped in the demon world on his shoulders and again his stubbornness rises to the fore when he takes it upon himself to rescue them. He is also brave, walking alone into Drishnack where, as part of a ritual, he is forced to touch a powerful kara-stone, which awakens the link with his shaol, Shastlan, a guardian spirit. He doesn't realise it, but his shaol is the spirit of a dead emperor who betrayed his own people, summoning dragons to his world.

Kaplyn is a strong character as he must continue his journey in the face of considerable adversity. Madness threatens when he lives Shastlan's life in his dreams. His fear of dragons has caused  him to flee CarCamel and Shastlan's memories cause him to doubt his sanity. Of all the characters I have created I feel sorry for Kaplyn. No man, real or otherwise, should ever suffer as much as Kaplyn.

That's the beauty of creating fantasy characters. You can play with their emotional state in a far deeper way than in reality. The enemy is clear cut - dark and brooding and must be killed. No one cares for the krell and grakyn that are killed. They are the enemy and they are evil.

Sunday 2 September 2012

What motivated me to write Prophecy of the Kings

There were three motivations to my writing Prophecy of the Kings;

1. As with many folk, Tolkien inspired me, not with Lord of the Rings, but the Silmarillian. That was an excellent tale. After reading it I felt greatly inspired. It's a sweeping tale and unlike Lord of the Rings it covers many generations. If you haven't read it and are a fan of Tolkien - it's well worth a read, although many folk do find it hard to get into.
2. I had an initial scene in mind and I wrote a couple of pages about that scene. I showed this to a friend and every time we met he asked how my book was coming along. After a while I really felt I ought to start putting pen to paper seriously.
3. Having written an initial scene, I wanted to know what happened next. This may seem odd, but I had absolutely no idea how the scene came about nor what came next. This was a real motivator, creating characters and sending them into peril, but then wanting to know what happened next. I hadn't plotted out the tale and so it was a real learning process. I went for months not knowing where the plot was going and stuck at a cliff hanger. It was fascinating when inspiration finally struck and the tale continued to the next sticking point. My  initial scene ended up being the end of book 1 in the tale, Legacy of the Eldric.
I really enjoyed creating the world and characters and hope you enjoy reading the tale.


Friday 31 August 2012

Thursday 30 August 2012

Bad landing, Cool Pose - Detling photo

Some re-enactors just go too far. Mind you, parking his messerschmitt went wrong! Hee hee

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Saturday 11 August 2012

The Book of Deacon - Joseph Lallo

This was an interesting book. I nearly gave up at one point when one of the characters proved a little too bizarre. However, it was well written and I kept going. It's worth reading and it's free on Kindle at the moment. The tale is about Myranda, who hates war and is not afraid to say so. She gets thrown out of several towns because of her opinions. The characterisation is good and you do feel for her on her lonely journey. The tale picks up and becomes very good when she finds a hidden band of people, learning magic. The characters here are excellent. There is a master for each magic, earth, fire, water, air, grey, black and white. The masters are excellent creations. It's a very entertaining read.

Thursday 9 August 2012

The Queen's Blade - T C Southwell, a review

I read this on holiday. A really good read. I would recommend it. The characterisation is very good and the style is easy to read. Each character has an animal as a familiar, e.g. a snake, a bear etc which is quite novel. Their behaviour is akin to their familiar's. Blade is an interesting and likable character. The plot is interesting. Well worth a read and reasonably priced if you have a Kindle.

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Holiday in Crete - Hersonnisos

Just back from Crete. Lovely holiday. Went to Knossos to see the Minoan ruins. Really interetsing and dates back to 2000 BC. Also visited Agios Nickolaos which is a very pretty place.

Managed to go scuba diving and saw some Great Apple Jacks. Quite a big silver fish. Awewsome. Have to admit, though - I liked Stalis, which was only a short walk from the hotel. That's the first photo - above.

Friday 27 July 2012

Fantasy - memorable moments

One of my favourite scenes in the films of Lord of the Rings is Sam's speech towards the end of the second film, where he talks about heroes having the opportunity to turn back. It alludes to the tales in the Silmarillion, Beren and Luthian and others. It's a really nice scene and very poignant.

The other one I like is again at the end of the second film, where Gollum is cursing the hobbits, wringing a branch as though it's their necks. Gollum is gaining control over Smeagol. It's a cracking scene and leads into the music, Gollums song. Brilliant.

Guess where this is?

This looks really exotic, doesn't it. And surprisingly it's Folkstone. Really nice place for a walk by the seaside.

Sunday 22 July 2012

Kindle ebook - price reduction

Heyho - It's summer. I've reduced the price of the Prophecy of the Kings - Omnibus Edition on Amazon, Kindle edition. Check it out!

UK kindle-ites

US kindle-ites

Don't forget that Prophecy of the Kings comes with a good pedigree. Gold award winner, book of the month and three fantasy sites giving it good reviews. Read it for summer.

Check out the reviews on

Good reading


Saturday 21 July 2012

Amazing Spider Man - review

You know what fantasy fans? I really enjoyed this. My youngest son didn't want to see it. I think he was put off by how good the Tobey Maguire version was, but the new version is very entertaining nonetheless.

The CGI just gets better and better. The villain is good and believable in his own way.

It is a similar tale to start with to the Maguire version and that could feel tedious to some, but it really gets going and is good value. Well worth seeing in my view.

Saturday 7 July 2012

Sunday 1 July 2012

Great New Fantasy Characters - Win a free book

I have really enjoyed working on Drachar's Demons. The characters seem to be really coming alive. Check out the post below and let me know what you think. I'm happy to take advice on the character development of my new fantasy novel, second edition.

For those of you who have read Prophecy of the Kings let me know who your favourite character was and the reason. I'll give away a copy of Drachar's Demons to the best post.

I do hope those who have read my novels have enjoyed them so far. Like my facebook page please and help me to spread the word. Fantasy rules.

Saturday 30 June 2012

Fantasy Character Development - help me out!! Win a free book.

I am currently working on the character development for the second edition of Drachar's Demons. Post comments please. Thoughts welcome. I will give a way a free copy of the Prophecy of the Kings to what I consider the best advice. I will do that in August. Best wishes. David

Stephan lurched from his bed, the screams still ringing in his ears. “I’m coming Ashona,” he shouted, trying to reassure her as be hurriedly donned his night robes. He stubbed his toe on the door separating their rooms in his eagerness to reach her, as the heavy wood swung inwards. He swore as hobbled to her side. The pain was intense, but he ignored it. Her screams were far more important. It didn’t help that the rooms were in pitch darkness. It was late, probably past midnight and he had been deep asleep when his subconscious picked up the sounds of screaming and even now his brain was partly fog filled from his own dreams. There was an air of unreality about the night. It was as though the world held its breath.
He reached her side. She was still screaming and thrashing in the tangled sheets. There were no coherent words, just the terrified cry of someone in the grip of a fearful nightmare.
“Hush,” he said, trying to calm her. He didn’t know what else to do. It would be forward to touch her but then her screams reached a crescendo and fearing for her he leant over, taking her in his arms. She came awake instantly.
“No! Don’t let them take me,” she cried out, still in the grip of her nightmare. She sobbed and Stephan held her tightly, swaying gently to and fro in an attempt to reassure her. “Hush. You are safe now. It’s a dream. It is over. You are safe.”
“Don’t let them take me,” she sobbed. Her tears soaked through his robes. He was shocked by the intensity of her appeal. Never had he heard such anguish. “Don’t let them take me,” she gasped, trying to draw breath. “They were ripping my soul from my body. The pain. Don’t let them harm me.”
“I’ll protect you,” Stephan swore, and he meant it too. Her sobs quietened although she gripped him fiercely. He had never been held by another human being so tightly before. She was trembling and crying now.
“What have I done,” Stephan moaned.
For a moment longer they were silent except for her tears. “I should never have started this experiment. I should never have suggested this. This is the worse nightmare you have had. Isn’t it?
He felt her relax a little. She nodded her head. He released her, letting her settle back onto the bed. “What happened?” he asked.
Her voice, raw with emotion, cracked as she spoke. “I was in a cave. It was awful. They surrounded me. I couldn’t escape...” Her words were rushed and he could hear the growing panic in her voice.
“Hush now,” Stephan said, holding her hand. He turned to a candle standing on a bed side table. He waved his hand, a finger drawing a rune in the air. A shape long learned by sorcerers to summon elementals. A flame elemental sprang into being at his summons and its flame spread to the candle before it disappeared in to the ether once more. Its task fulfilled.
“There. You can see now. You are safe,” he said.
She stared at the flame and he was shocked by her eyes. Normally so wide and trusting, screwed tight against an unseen fear. Her face was wet and gently he dried her tears with his sleeve. She wasn’t beautiful in an obvious way, but her eyes held him captivated. He could look into them all day. He brushed her hair from her face.
“Now, tell me what happened. If you are up to it?”
She looked haunted still.
“I was in a cave. Demons were all around me. They were ripping my soul from my body. They were feeding on my pain. Never have I had such a dreadful nightmare. It was so real. I felt that I was truly there, amongst them.”
“You are safe now. It was a dream. Nothing more. But we are a step close to finding the source of your dreams. This is the fifth night you have had them in this vicinity and this was by far the worse dream, so the source must be nearby.”
“Why?” she sobbed. “Why am I having such fearful nightmares?”
His heart went out to her. He stroked her hand, trying to comfort her. “Well, we have moved around the city and you have slept in several different locations.”
She smiled for the first time, wiping her tears away with the back of her hand, “And what will people think? The two of us, not even married, sleeping in different locations these last few weeks.”
He smiled reassuringly, “Who cares what anyone else thinks. You are all that matters and I want to see an end to these nightmares.”
“What is causing them though?” she wailed, clearly desperate to have them at an end.
“I don’t know,” he said lowering his gaze for a moment. Looking up at her again he said, “But I do know they are worse in this area of the city, and close to his laboratory.”
“Whose laboratory?” she asked and he sensed that she already knew.
“Lothanal,” he answered her in a whisper.
She looked at him, her shock engraved deep in her eyes. “But demons are not real,” she whispered back.
“Our history is steeped in demon tales. There must be some foundation in them.”
“But that makes my dreams all the more terrifying,” she gasped.
He stroked her hair. “Yes. Have you noticed the candle?” he asked and her eyes flashed to the flame.
“Blue,” she choked.
“Flames burn blue in the presence of demons. For a while I have suspected Lothanal and have had lanterns distributed around this area for several nights. At night they have often burned blue. Tomorrow we have plans to bring into fruition. It might be dangerous and I will need your help. That is, if you are able?”
Her nod was barely perceptible. “Stephan,” she said clasping his hand more firmly.
“Yes,” he answered, fearful of the intensity of her look.
“Something really dreadful is going to happen.”
“You are still fearful of your dreams. It will be dawn soon and then you will see that no night terrors threaten.”
She shook her head. “Stephan, don’t leave me.”
“I will have to leave, silly,” he said. “We daren’t leave these rooms together. People will talk.”
Her grip intensified. “Stephan. Don’t leave me. Please.”
Her eyes and her voice implored him with an intensity that shook him. “Don’t worry. I am not going to leave you,” he said smiling.
“Marry me,” she blurted.
“You daft thing,” he admonished. “You are terrified still. What sort of man would I be, taking advantage of you like this?”
“Please,” she implored, the flickering candle light reflected from the moistness of her eyes.
He knew this was a very serious request. After a moment silence he said, “Well. Normally it’s the man who asks, but on this occasion perhaps we can make an exception.”
Her face lit up and her oh so beautiful eyes sparkled with life. “You will?”
He nodded and then struggled for breath as she threw herself at him in a tight embrace.

Lothanal’s heart lurched and he nearly stumbled. Pain lanced through his feet and a numbing cold assailed him. He gaped around at the landscape, his eyes barely believing the view. Desolation. The whole landscape was bleak. Everywhere he gazed was faintly glowing green rocks. No life, nor any signs of life. Green was the colour Lothanal associated with demons, so his destination must have been correct, but the shock of actually standing in their world was nearly too much for him.
He had spied on this world and its denizens through his kara-stone before coming here. He knew it was dark and lifeless, but being here a crushing despair weighed him down and seemed to nail his feet to the ground. He felt like weeping, and for long moments he struggled to find an inner strength. The gamble would be worth it, he prayed. He must go on and face his demons. He had committed everything in coming here. The risks were huge and he was gambling it all; both his life and his soul.
He was at the pinnacle of his career. He had dared what no other sorcerer had before. If he succeeded in this task he would have power unlimited. He would be a force to be reckoned with and then he would show his people, the Eldic, what true power meant. His plans were huge. He would conquer a world. He would be an emperor and people would fawn at his feet for favours.
He looked around at the desolation and doubt assailed him. Where were they? Where were the demons? He pushed a rock with his toe and agony lanced through his foot, searing its way to his heart. He stifled a scream. The very contact with the ground sent shock waves through his body and touching the rock was no exception. The pain subsided and he realised that the rock was light as though all the life had been sucked from it.
A world of cinders and ash.
He looked up at the sky. Nothing but darkness and stars. No clouds and even the stars seemed dimmed as though seen through a fog. He glanced down at his hand and was shocked to see that the kara-stone was not there. His mind wailed in fear and a dreadful feeling scoured his guts. His lifeline home was gone.
He raised his hand to his face. Something white and translucent was within his palm, almost filling it. It was his kara-stone — or at least its ghostly shadow. His fingers curled around the translucent shape as though trying to protect it. The object, ghost as it was, gave him heart for he was relying on that to find his way home. Perhaps he, too, was like the kara-stone and was not really in their world. Perhaps he was here in spirit form only. A smile tugged at his lips but failed to reach his cold grey eyes, which for the moment seemed almost as lifeless as the world around him.
He had not realised that he would be afraid. That was an understatement. He was terrified. Bravely, he took a tentative step forward and again pain lanced through his leg. His mind screamed in pain. Undeterred he took more steps. He was naked and freezing. Walking failed to bring any warmth. He looked down at the shadow of his kara-stone and drew warmth from it. Warmth and hope. That was his way home and he prayed he did not lose it.
He walked a few hundred yards and then something brighter up ahead caught his attention. He squinted, trying to see it better. Against the dark outline of a hill, strewn with boulders at its base, a glow emanated from a cluster of objects that he couldn’t quite fathom. As he came closer the shape resolved into three creatures and his heart leapt to his mouth. More steps and the shapes coalesced into figures. They were static so he walked closer, his pace slowing as he considered flight for the first time. What would they do with him? They could take his soul and bind it to their world permanently. The next few steps were the hardest in his life.
Two were demons, that much was clear, but the third was a man and that sent shock and fear coursing through his soul. He stopped advancing, holding his breath. Had his people, the Eldric, travelled here before him? Two of the creatures were demons, there was no mistaking that. Tall, gangle creatures, long limbed, teeth and talons. One had a head akin to a wolf, but no flesh covered its gaping maw and rows of teeth seemed eager for his flesh. The other had arms like a spiders, jointed in three places and ending a vicious looking talons.
He had espied demons before, but there was a huge difference seeing them from afar in the comfort of his world, compared to standing beneath them. But a man? He paused, doubt eating at his mind like a cancer. This could be the end of his plans before they had even started. No one knew as much about the demon world as he. Of that he was certain. And yet someone else had dared to travel the ether to their world. If he, too, were an Eldric...
The creatures did not move. He took that as an omen and took a few more paces, ignoring the pain as much as he could. He saw then the man’s eyes. They were the only thing about him that seemed alien. Blood red, with an intensity that seemed to beckon him forward. He found that he had involuntarily taken a dozen more paces. He stopped himself, no more then ten or so paces from the unlikely trio. All their eyes were red and fastened upon him with an intensity that made him shiver. He was breakfast, lunch and dinner wrapped up in one package.
“Welcome,” the man offered, causing him to jump in shock. His mind was wandering and he tried to focus. “Welcome to our world.” His words seemed silk and honey. He was handsome in a way that was almost too painful to behold. He stood with his hands clasped behind his back in a manner that simply oozed confidence. It was as though Lothanal was an insect, or a worm beneath the boot of a superior being.
Lothanal glanced at the other two demons. He sensed their power, but could fathom nothing about this one. He surmised he was the most powerful, being able to take the guise of a man, but he seemed a void. There was no sense of power coming from him at all.
“I am here to negotiate a pact with your people,” Lothanal stated simply. He had rehearsed this speech a thousand times, but what came next was a complete and utter surprise.
A voice boomed “We have seen enough.” He spun around; seeking the source of the voice, noticing the demons seemed equally alarmed. The voice was all around them and at once a blinding flash followed by deep sonorous boom followed, throwing him backwards with a force that sucked the very air from his lungs and a blow that knocked the senses from his very being.

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Epic, High, Traditional fantasy - which is which?

My books have been described as Epic, High and Traditional fantasy, but which is what? I wasn't even aware there were so many variations. Help me out with your views. I judge Lord of the Rings was traditional fantasy. Any takers?

Sunday 17 June 2012

GPs going on strike - what on earth??

GPs going on strike seems bizarre. I thought they recently had a massive pay hike, or was that the press lying to us. In 2000 Gps were earning £60k and the press reported a pay hike to over £200k. At half pay for a pension that's an increase from £30k to £100k, regardless of which index is used for inflation that's a massive increase. Anyone know the truth about this? Or are GPs being incredibly greedy. Seems the way of the world...

Saturday 16 June 2012

Great Review for Drachar's Demons

David Burrows is a self-confessed fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s work and it is the great professor’s influence that shows clearest in this work. The combination of solid characterisation and the creation of a vastly different – but equally well formed – races help establish the setting and peoples with which he is ably to adeptly tell his story. In his free time the author engages in Saxon/Viking re-enactments and this knowledge and expertise really bears fruit in the battle scenes that are tightly choreographed with a great feeling of authenticity about them – it is just like reading about a battle from by-gone years (if you allow for the fantasy element of course).

I greatly enjoyed the Legacy of the Eldric, David Burrows’s first foray into the genre, and my words at the time, “this is solid fantasy; exactly what a fantasy doctor would order for those looking for an enjoyable escape from reality… fans of Tolkien, Hobb and Moorcock will love what they find here”, holds as true for his latest work as they did for his debut. Fans of high fantasy that features an eclectic array of races, strong plot and lots of well-realised battles should look no further as Drachar’s Demons will satisfy in all areas. I greatly look forward to watching this author’s catalogue grow in the future. 7.8 out of 10.

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