Monday 14 February 2022

Free Fantasy ebook. Drachar's Demons

Download my ebook Drachar's Demons for free. It is available in several e reader formats. Use this coupon code ZY65D . Normally priced at $6.99

Drachar is cast out by his own people, the Eldric, and his magic ripped from him. But their spell was flawed and Drachar forges an alliance with the demons, promising them 100,000 souls in exchange for the return of his powers. How can he deliver so many souls? To make matters worse, the demons haunt his sleep, promising a terrible retribution if he fails to deliver.

Only all out war will deliver so many souls. The race is on. He must persuade Trosgarth to fight and ally with the united krell tribes, whist his people, the Eldric, must learn how to defeat the demons. No mean feat, for demons are not easily defeated and they will tear your soul from your body and drag it screaming to Hell.

There are some great reviews:

"Fans of high fantasy that features an eclectic array of races, strong plot and lots of well-realised battles should look no further as Drachar’s Demons will satisfy in all areas. I greatly look forward to watching this author’s catalogue grow in the future. 7.8 out of 10"

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