Tuesday 19 July 2022

Fantasy versus Historical Fiction

 I like both fantasy and Historical Fiction, but are the two mutually exclusive?

Strangely, there are huge similarities, especially in tales set in early periods. Many feature gods, epic battles and even some sorcery (usually people's superstitions, but who knows?)

When I am stuck for a good fantasy read, I invariably look to historical fiction and my favourite periods are Roman, Egyptian, Saxon and Viking. The author has to make you feel that you are in the period and this is not always achieved. 

My favourite authors are Bernard Cornwell, Simon Scarrow and Wilbur Smith's Egypt series. Stephen Saylor really writes superbly about Rome but his tales are a tad slow so may not be to everyone's taste. I highly recommend him though.

If it's the battles that you like in Fantasy books then tales about Wars of the Roses (e.g. Con Iggulden) are worth reading. The range of medieval weapons (spears, bill, bill hook, longbow, flail, morning star, war hammer, axes and a multitude of swords and daggers etc) are truly terrifying.

Anyway, back to fantasy. Prophecy of the Kings has all the above, sorcery, wizards, huge battles, dragons, krell, grakyn and much more. Drachar's Demons is FREE in e book format (many e readers) and is the prequel to Prophecy of the Kings, so give it a try. Check out my website for further details on how to download this free e book  http://davidburrows.org.uk/

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